Introducing: SeaweedTech


Who are you and what is SeaweedTech?

SeaweedTech (SWT) is a Dutch start-up since 2020 that aims to cultivate seaweed indoor in land-based tanks. We believe in indoor local production of seaweeds which enables us to fully control cultivation. We strive to optimize seaweed cultivation and processing whilst working towards a net zero footprint by means of Minimal Impact Farming, using smart technologies to reduce and re-use energy and waste streams.

What makes SeaweedTech a North Sea Farmer?

So far, SWT has successfully exploited a small-scale proof of concept demonstration farm in Amsterdam and has been gaining market traction with >15 customers with imported seaweed (Ulva lactuca – sea lettuce) from one of our main partners Seakura Israel. We currently access the market with freshly frozen, powder and flakes of Ulva and focus on sales channels in the food, food-additives, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


What does North Sea Farmers mean to you?

The next step is, with the help of partners, to scale up our land-based seaweed farm to a pre-commercial scale to further develop cultivation and processing technology, and develop products and market. This is where the North Sea Farmers platform can prove valuable, as we wish to expand our network and get in touch with different actors in the playing field.





What is your greatest wish for the future regarding seaweed?

Our dream is that the seaweed sector develops into a sustainable business that stimulates a shift towards a more sustainable way of living.