Sector Session (webinar) over Food, Safety & Allergens of Seaweed


As a novel food, there is still a lot to learn about how to use seaweed as a food ingredient. For example: How do you deal with potential traces of shellfish on your food products? What are the allowed maximum levels of iodine when you process seaweed? And what are the guidelines you should follow?

Recent results and developments

Wageningen Foods Safety Research (WUR) recently conducted research about these topics in seaweed. During the next Sector Session on Tuesday 24th of January, WUR and Allergenen Consultancy will update you on the most recent results and developments in food research and allergens more specifically. Members only. 

Please ask all your questions

With experts from Wageningen Food Safety Research and Allergenen Consultancy: Marjan van Ravenhorst van Allergenen Consultancy and Siebren van Tuinen and Jennifer Banach van WUR Food Safety Research (WFSR). There will be sufficient time for any question or topic of discussion you might have.

For whom?

  • Everyone who produces seaweed food products
  • All seaweed producers and processers
  • Everyone who’s interested in the latest research and developments on seaweed food safety and allergens


Tuesday 24 Jan, 13:00-15:00 CET


Do you want attend? And are you a member? Please send an e-mail, and we'll send you an invite. This webinar is exclusive for members of North Sea Farmers. 

Looking forward to seeing you online!