Sector Session about 'Design standard for nearshore and offshore seaweed farms' May 30


We want to invite all fellow members to the online Sector Session 'Design standard for nearshore and offshore seaweed farms' on 30 May 13:30-16:00. 

To support the seaweed industry North Sea Farmers have taken the initiative to develop a design standard for offshore and nearshore seaweed farms. Together with DNV, Aqitec, Van Oord and with the financial support of Invest-NL we have completed the first step: The 'Recommended design practice for offshore & nearshore seaweed growing systems.

Why join?

We believe this can help all of us:

> to make safer and robust designs for seaweed farms; 
> to have your seaweed farm designs certified by an independent party
> get a permit and insurance for your seaweed farm;
> to attract investors for your seaweed initiatives; 
> to make the overall industry safer and more cost-effective.

If you want to know more about this and how it could help you, then please feel welcome to join!


The following speakers will guide you through this session and are available for all your detailed questions: 

Aqitec - Recommended Design Practice:
Ivo & Idtz Wieling, Laura Dinkla

DNV – Certification of seaweed growing system designs:
Olve Vangdal

Rijkswaterstaat - value of certification for the permit review process:
Sander de Jong (Rijkswaterstaat is the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, dedicated to promote safety, mobility and the quality of life)

Seaweed farmers from all of Europe

In addition to you as members we will try to invite as many seaweed farmers from Europe as possible. This may also make it a valuable session from a networking perspective.

We’re looking forward to your participation (online)! Didn't you receive the invitation, and you want to join? Please send an email to June Kromjongh.