GoodZero connects companies to high-impact carbon credit projects


New member GoodZero connects companies to high-impact carbon credit projects that aid in the fight against climate change. They believe offsetting of unavoidable emissions should be the final step in the decarbonization journey.

Can you tell something about GoodZero?

Boudewijn Pars, Sourcing Manager: ‘GoodZero is part of FincoEnergies, an independent provider of sustainable energy solutions. As a brand in the Carbon Management division, we empower our partners to calculate, reduce, inset, and offset their company’s emissions. After calculating and reducing as many emissions as possible, GoodZero is there to connect companies to high-impact carbon credit projects to compensate for their truly unavoidable emissions.'

What is your ambition with GoodZero?

'We want to make sure our clients can offset their unavoidable emissions with carbon credit projects they feel good about. We carefully select the projects for them, using our GoodCriteria. We evaluate the projects to identify high-impact, credible, and long-term projects that we’re proud to offer our clients. Through long-lasting, personal relationships with project developers and first-hand knowledge of the project’s impacts, we ensure that our clients are making a meaningful contribution towards our planet.'

What are the main projects of Good Zero right now?

'We currently offer multiple projects, amongst others a data-driven cookstove project (African Clean Energy), CarbonCure, a project focused on injecting captured CO2 into concrete and Running Tide, which focuses on improving ocean health, biodiversity, and the environment. They are all innovative projects because we believe some of the most impactful and long-lasting solutions come from outside-the-box thinking.'

Why do you want to join North Sea Farmers?

'We see the great potential seaweed offers to make a positive impact on our global climate challenges. The low impact from production and possibilities for CO2 storage are just two of the many opportunities seaweed has to offer. As part of the North Sea Farmers network, we want to learn more about this innovation and contribute to its potential.'

What could other North Sea Farmers approach you for?

'We offer our network and services, and together, discover the possibilities of generating and facilitating blue carbon credit projects. Think of helping in the certification and methodology of these projects. We have a large network and we can bring stakeholders together.'