Funding opportunities for seaweed initiatives

Event details: Thursday 09 November - 10.00 - 12.00 CET (Online)

On Thursday 9 November we will organise the (online) Sector Session 'Funding opportunities for seaweed initiatives', from 10.00 - 12.00 CET. 

Relevant Subsidy

The EU offers funding opportunities on a regular basis that could be of interest to the seaweed sector. For the upcoming deadline period, we've selected a number of opportunities that could be of interest for you as seaweed stakeholders.

We have tried to list and categorise various funding options to help you find the right opportunity. In this email you will find a high-level overview of these opportunities. The document with more detailed information can be found in the NSF Member Portal. The document is called: Relevant Subsidy NSF 31okt2023. This document is only avaible for members of North Sea Farmers. 

Jointly go through the opportunities

We hope that this initiative will help you find new funding opportunities. To support this we will also organise the Sector Session 'Funding opportunities for seaweed initiatives' and jointly go through these opportunities. To discuss ideas, help the forming of consortia and identify existing consortia that are still looking for partners.

This initiative and the funding document are a trial. We hope to learn if this could help you as members. If the answer is yes then we aim to do this on a quarterly basis as a standard service.  

Join the Sector Session

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