European standards for Algae & Algae products (CEN/TC 454)

Event details: Thursday 07 March - 14:30 - 16:00 h (CEST) (Online)

We would like to invite you to the upcoming Sector Session on the European standards for Algae & Algae products, CEN/TC 454 that are currently being developed. The (online) Sector Session will take place on Thursday 7 March, from 14.30 - 16.00 h (CEST).

What new standards to add?

North Sea Farmers is committee member of the Dutch representative body (Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute: NEN) and we would like to get your input for the upcoming European committee meeting on 16 April in Kopenhagen. The topic of this meeting is to decide on what new standards to add to the already existing list of algae and algae products standards that’s currently being developed (see this overview)

Your input is valuable

NSF will attend this committee meeting with the aim of representing you as European stakeholders and members of the NSF network. For this reason we would appreciate your input on important points we should try to land in that upcoming committee meeting.


14.30 - Introduction CEN Algae Standard work programme: Michel Post (consultant NEN, Dutch normalisation institute)

This introduction will include information on:
- What standards are;
- How NEN/CEN works; 
- The standardization process in Europe and the work currently going on;
- Future work and how to get involved.

15.00 - Interactive discussion on standards that could/should be added to the Algae Standard development work programme

16.00 - End of session



Members will receive a personal invitation to this session. If you have not received the invitation and would like to attend: please let us know via June.