Meet our new Offshore Test Site Manager, Lennard IJpma


North Sea Farmers has a new Offshore Test Site (OTS) Manager: Lennard IJpma. Lennard is the point of contact for current pilots in the North Sea, our expert when it comes to innovation in an offshore environment. He manages the activities at the OTS on a daily basis.

Located 12 km off the coast of Scheveningen, the OTS is an innovation hub set on 6 km² of North Sea territory. It serves as an incubator for start-ups and scale-ups aiming to challenge and validate their innovations in the real-world, demanding conditions of the offshore environment. The OTS is compartmentalized into six 1 km² plots. Designed exclusively for our community of innovators, it offers a secure environment for piloting new solutions.

Photo: The OTS with floating solar from Oceans of Energy

Innovative solutions

It is a unique test site, and also the largest in Europe. At North Sea Farmers, we believe that action is the key to meaningful change. Guided by our mission to make a positive climate impact through seaweed, we recognized the need for a dedicated space to trial new innovations. Enter the Offshore Test Site (OTS)—your testing ground for bold ideas in offshore conditions.

Three parties are currently using the test site to test their innovative solutions: Ocean of Energy, The Rich North Sea and Solar Duck. Three others are still in talks. Although seaweed has also been grown here in the past, there is currently no seaweed at the OTS.

Seaweed on the OTS

Lennard hopes to change that soon. He is enthusiastic about being the Offshore Test Site Manager.  ‘First and foremost, I love the ocean and I believe in a world where humans can coexist with nature as we are an intrinsic part of it. Now that society has made some questionable choices and actions, it is up to us to make changes for the better. We need a combination of leaving nature alone and innovating how to use it in a sustainable way. The Offshore Test Site is where this comes together and I hope to bring the right parties together to make the necessary changes.’

‘We need a combination of leaving nature alone and innovating how to use it in a sustainable way. The Offshore Test Site is the perfect combination where this comes together’

Advantages of testing at the OTS

The OTS is a licensed test site in the North Sea with 24/7 security provided by Royal Dirkzwager. It is a no-fishing zone, ensuring a safe testing environment. There are on-site diving and underwater survey capabilities, cost-sharing options for logistics, essential vessels for material transport to and from the OTS, and access to the Svasek weather forecasting model. In addition, OTS users have the opportunity to collaborate with North Sea Farmers and gain exposure through the North Sea Farmers network.

Interested in testing your solutions?

The OTS is open for anyone keen to pilot new technologies or upscale marine innovations. With our Waterwet permit valid until December 31, 2028, we offer a field lab specifically designed to accelerate sustainable multi-use projects. For any further questions, please contact Lennard. For more info: North Sea Farmers Offshore Test Site