First speakers North Sea Seaweed 2024 announced


North Sea Seaweed is the annual seaweed event organised by the North Sea Farmers, with this year's theme: Regenerative Horizon. During the two-day event in The Hague, leading speakers from the seaweed industry will present the latest findings and lead the discussion on the future of the seaweed sector. The first speakers are announced. 

We are proud that the Mayor of The Hague, Mr Jan van Zanen, will open the event.

Maris Stulgis, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (EU)

During North Sea Seaweed, we will zoom in on the EU's ambitions for the seaweed sector and how individual Member States can translate these at national level. Maris Stulgis, Directorate General of EU Maritime Affairs and Fisheries will explain what exactly the EU's ambitions are and why seaweed has a key role to play in the future.

Donné Slangen, DG Fisheries & nature

As Director General of Fisheries & Nature, Donné Slangen supports sustainable transitions. These are actual and complex topics, specifically in relation to the future use of our North Sea. Mr. Slangen will share more on the role of the government in this context as well as how seaweed could fit into that transition. 

Joost Wouters, Founder & SeaEO The Seaweed Company

Five years ago, Joost Wouters turned his career around to set up seaweed farms. With farms in the Netherlands, Ireland, Morocco and India, he's now involved in the entire cultivation process, from sowing and setting up systems to harvesting and processing. But that's not all. Joost is an inspirational seaweed speaker who will take the audience into the future and share his vision of how to build organisations that will be recognised in the future.

Franck Hennequart, Director Research & Innovation at Algaia

As Algaia's Director of Research and Development, Frank Hennequart is an expert in biostimulants. Together with the Research & Innovation department, they isolate and develop natural compounds from brown seaweeds for food, agro-cosmetic and health applications, that are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. They also provide analytical, bioactivity testing and process engineering services on microalgae & seaweeds. Franck will be an expert on biostimulants in the Biostimulants workshop.

Haik van Exel, Managing Director Hortimare

Hortimare produces high quality seedlings to enable seaweed farmers to harvest good crops. At Hortimare they are convinced that a sustainable and circular approach is the only possible future for our planet. Global demand for food and industrial raw materials is growing rapidly, and with it the pressure on land from extensive agriculture and the depletion of raw materials. Haik van Exel believes that seaweed can be a viable alternative to land-based products in many ways if we learn to scale up production at sea. He will be the expert in the seaweed production workshops on the first day.

You can find the full programme of North Sea Seaweed here. Join the event by registering now.