Sector Session for the Seaweed Industry Joint Roadmap for the Food Market

Event details: Wednesday 26 June - 10:00 - 11:30 h CEST (Online)

We would like to invite members of North Sea Farmers to the (online) Sector Session for the Seaweed Industry Joint Roadmap on the Food Market on Wednesday 26 June from 10:00 - 11:30 h (CEST).

Joint Storyline

North Sea Farmers is currently working with you as NSF members to develop the Seaweed Industry Joint Roadmap 2050. We're doing this because, as the European seaweed industry, we need a common narrative towards:

Market & investors: what can they expect from the seaweed industry;
Policy makers & stakeholders: what the industry needs to be successful;
Seaweed industry (ourselves): setting the agenda for opportunities & bottlenecks in production and markets: food, feed, biostimulants & biomaterials.

Latest draft Food Roadmap

As part of this process, we are organising a Sector Session on the Seaweed Industry Joint Roadmap for the food market on Wednesday 26th June from 10:00 - 11:30 h CEST for our members. If you register, we will send you the latest draft of the Food Roadmap with ambitions, bottlenecks & opportunities, do's & don'ts and action points for 2030.

Members can review this document and share their feedback and/or questions in this sector session. Would you like to participate but are not yet a member? Please contact us