Vacancy: Manager North Sea Farmers


The Hague, 40 hours. 
Key words: Positive climate impact, Leadership, Entrepreneur, Public Affairs, Finance.
Do you want to be part of the solution?

Seaweed has a great potential for positive climate impact. After years of getting the wheels into motion, now is the time to step up our game. From raising awareness about its potential to an actual growing sustainable sector with opportunities for society, nature and our economy. This requires an external focus, strategic decision making and entrepreneurial skills. Are you the person who can activate stakeholders to transition from “liking” to “acting” on seaweed opportunities? While at the same time develop and monitor the long-term continuity of the organisation and enabling our excellent colleagues to rise to the occasion? Then we are looking for you!

Who are we?

We are North Sea Farmers, working towards positive climate impact with seaweed. Through our North Sea Farmers community we create impactful movement. We function as a sector organization 2.0. Our role is to build value chains, validate seaweed potential and promote industry leadership. We work on a national (Dutch) and European level. We are a non-profit organization with an ANBI status.

Our mission

We work towards an economic sector that systematically contributes to positive climate impact. For us, contributing to positive climate impact is essential to allow businesses to become future proof. On land and sea, the seaweed activities of North Sea Farmers improve marine biodiversity, reduce carbon emissions and form building blocks of the circular economy.

Our seaweed vision for The Netherlands

From 2030 onwards, we aim for 400 km2 of seaweed farms in offshore wind parks. With the cultivated seaweed from these farms we can reduce up to 1.6 million tons of CO2. That is massive! In addition, we want to ensure a nature-inclusive farming approach. So that seaweed cultivation will support and improve marine biodiversity. And by using what’s already available in the sea seaweed can become a cornerstone of our circular economy. The seaweed potential for Europe (North Sea) is even larger. This large scale prospect puts seaweed at the center of our planet’s sustainable future and also creates thousands of jobs, at sea and on land.

What do you bring to the table?
  • You are ambitious and ready to make a positive climate impact with seaweed;
  • You understand the complex dynamics of balancing the interests of 100+ stakeholders, without getting indecisive, without loosing sense of urgency, without decreasing impact;
  • You are able to realize financial and societal stakeholder support (PA) for the North Sea Farmers community and organization;
  • You develop and monitor the financial perspective of the organization both short and long term;
  • You have the entrepreneurial skills to assess and implement new business models for North Sea Farmers;
  • You build relationships, you are empathic and have good coaching skills;
  • You have at least seven years of working experience in a related field;
  • You are skilled in the Dutch and English language; preferably native Dutch;
  • You are available from June 1st 2021.
What do we have to offer?
  • A highly ambitious and impactful mission;
  • Challenging goals that will inspire you to grow personally and professionally;
  • A unique opportunity to help shape the new seaweed sector;
  • An amazingly eager team of six young professionals focused on achieving real impact;
  • A full time position in an inspiring working environment in The Hague;
  • A conversation starter at every (online) party (You work with seaweed? Please explain!..);
  • Bread on your table: Salary indication between €50,000 and €60,000 per annum based on level of experience.

Submit your one page motivation and CV before 31 March to First interviews will be scheduled on Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7 or Thursday 8 April. The second round will be on Tuesday 13 April. The third interview on Friday 16 April. Will you hold reservations in your calendar as much as possible?

Would you like to know more? Please contact:
Marlies Draisma,, 06 -11 77 55 34 or
Eef Brouwers,, 06 - 24 56 55 46

Vacancy Manager North Sea Farmers (PDF)