BMS Micro-Nutrients


Who is BMS Micro-Nutrients?

Since 1979, BMS Micro-Nutrients has been specialized in plant nutrition, with foliar fertilization as our core business. The company developed an innovative product line based on chelated micro nutrients and macro elements to be used in foliar applications.

With our headquarters in Belgium, we have an experienced team of technicians advising and guiding farmers in the development of a tailor-made foliar program. They come from all over Europe, and also from Brazil, New Zealand, and from the Middle East.

In addition to fertilizers, we also have a number of products in our range that fit in the category of biostimulants. Those products are mainly based on seaweed extracts and protein hydrolysates.

Imagine 400km2 of seaweed farms in the North Sea, what will your role be in this?

As sustainability is a very important focus for BMS Micro-Nutrients, we are very interested in the developments of cultivating seaweed in the North Sea. A local source of seaweed could be an extra asset for many stakeholders.  It will be an additional effort for reducing carbon footprint in the farming industry in which our Ecomethod project has a key role.

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