Meet Aqitec, engineering in aquaculture


About Aqitec

Aqitec is an engineering company that is at the forefront when it comes to cultivation arrangements for aquaculture. Aqitec is involved in multiple international developments regarding systems for aquaculture, including anchoring, installation, seeding, monitoring and harvesting. Our partnerships allow us to make a big impact as a small company. Our strength lies, among other things, in converting research into design and realization. 

Engineering for the North Sea

Over the last few years Aqitec has been involved in several projects at the North Sea Farmers Offshore Test Site. We have made designs for offshore systems and developed equipment for monitoring conditions and loads on growing structures. In 2021 we aim to jointly develop a new type of arrangement that is based on a scalable grid of smaller growing structures that can be handled by small boats. We plan to test this new arrangement at the Offshore Test Site. We invite others to join in on this project. 


Experts in aquaculture systems

In our engineering process, we apply an integrated approach to create safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. To optimize cultivation arrangements, Aqitec has developed software for dynamic modelling of these arrangements. Monitoring provides insights and allows us to validate and improve future arrangements.

Future impact

Aqitec has the ambition to have an impact on future offshore aquaculture. Our aim is to provide the emerging offshore sector with sustainable, reliable and safe designs. Within projects we can contribute with simulation, engineering, construction, monitoring and testing. We look forward to joining forces with the North Sea Farmers community. Get in touch if you are interested in our services, we are happy to share more info with you!


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