Meet Lentiz!


What is Lentiz and what do you do?

The Lentiz Education Group provides pre-vocational secondary education (VMBO), general secondary education (HAVO), pre-university education (VWO) and senior secondary vocational education (MBO). Courses are offered both full-time and part-time and additionally in the form of contract activities. Developing and maximising the potential capabilities of our students is highly valued. We strive not only that our students obtain a qualification corresponding to their aptitude, but also that they succeed in further education.  

The Lentiz Education Group consists of 14 schools. The courses are diverse, so each specific programme has its own characteristics within its own environment.

For more information you can visit our website.

What makes Lentiz a North Sea Farmer?

Since our vocational education focusses on agriculture, we believe it is valuable for our socalled ‘Futuremakers’ to sense where the world of seaweed is heading.

What could other North Sea Farmers approach you for?

We have passionate students for a potential internship and could inform you about the trends in the field of learning and education.

What does North Sea Farmers mean to you?

A community of like-minded people and institutions to share knowlegde and passion.

What is your greatest wish for the future regarding seaweed?

Seaweed being a crucial element to meet Europe’s ambitions regarding Blue Farming.