Introducing Simply Blue Group


Who are you and what is Simply Blue Group? 

Simply Blue Group are blue economy project developers working with the ocean on solutions to climate change.  We currently develop floating wind farms, wave energy projects and low impact salmon farms and are now investigating what we can additionally do. Seaweed has the potential to play a strong role in addressing climate change by capturing CO2, creating low carbon food and other products, and by creating biofuels. It seems like a good area to look into.

What makes Simply Blue Group a North Sea Farmer?

We prefer North Seas Farmer, and we are developing wind farms around the British Isles, in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  

What could other North Sea Farmers approach you for?

We are interested in how the industry scales. If anyone has thoughts on that we would be interested to know.  Additionally, we are not farmers, we are project developers  and we will in time want to work with those that can farm at scale on farms we have developed.

What does North Sea Farmers mean to you?

That there are a group of pioneers in the market who are ahead of us on this journey but have the same vision.

What is your greatest wish for the future regarding seaweed? 

That seaweed is recognised in the future as having made a significant contribution to addressing climate change.Want to know more? Check out the Simply Blue Group website