Partners Amazon funded NSF#1 project

The North Sea Farm#1 project is led by a group of pioneering companies representing different parts of the seaweed value chain: Simply Blue Group, Van Oord and Algaia.
Plymouth Marine LaboratoriesDeltares and Silvestrum are responsible for state-of-the-art carbon sequestration research, that has led to a grant from Amazon as part of their Right Now Climate fund.

International Centre of Excellence in Marine Science and Technology delivering solutions for global change, sustainability and pollution, through national and international marine & coastal research. (UK)

Dr Ana Queiros, sr. marine ecologist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and an internationally recognised expert on seaweed blue carbon and climate change ecology:

“I am thrilled that Amazon is supporting this project, allowing us the opportunity to deploy the latest scientific tools to investigate the role of seaweed farming as a potential tool in emissions reductions, whilst working alongside one of the most advanced seaweed farming operations in the world. We know seaweed absorbs large quantities of CO2, but the carbon dioxide removal potential of the seaweed industry remains unproven and requires a better understanding of natural processes exporting carbon from seaweed farms, and the ability to locate where this may become stored in the long-term, both the deep ocean and the seafloor. This study will allow us to test whether we can locate such storage sites. The data we will generate will allow us to inform how offshore seaweed farming may in future be scaled up to help reduce carbon emissions.”

Bio: Ana has an extensive track record in the development of nature-based solutions for ocean management, and is leading research within globally distributed programmes that are helping practitioners build climate resilience into marine conservation and restoration (including of blue carbon habitats) as well as to develop better management for the global ocean blue carbon capacity.
Her work has led to the advancement of our understanding of seaweed blue carbon systems.
Ana is a member of the Blue Carbon Initiative, Seascape Carbon Initiative, and the UK Blue Carbon Forum.


Press: Dan Jones (Head of Communications)

As innovators and long-time practitioners in climate adaptation, climate mitigation, climate change policy, and environmental science, we unite insights from successful projects and policies from across the world, combining cutting-edge research with decades of hands-on experience. (USA)

Steve Crooks, Principal | Wetland Science and Coastal Management:

“Seaweed farming has great potential to contribute to atmospheric carbon dioxide down draw by extracting and transferring biomass to long term seabed storage. This project will provide important quantification of this ecosystem service and support methods that enable deployment of climate finance.”


Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface. Deltares is developing knowledge about the quality of soil and water systems, and making that knowledge available through model and information systems for policymakers, managers and users (NL).

Luca van Duren

“This project is a great opportunity to learn more about the impact of Seaweed cultivation on the carbon cycle and on the functioning of the North Sea. It will provide sound scientific information that can be used to reduce the CO2 footprint of our food value chain, and allow us to develop a sustainable industry that operates within safe ecological boundaries.”

“Seaweed is a potentially valuable new source of food and other resources. Deltares aims to assess the positive and negative impacts of seaweed cultivation using state-of-the-art numerical models. This is one of the tools to gain insight into which scenarios yield societal and environmental benefits and what levels of upscaling may transgress the natural carrying capacity of the North Sea.”

Algaia is a fast-growing biomarine ingredients company producing and marketing seaweed extracts for food, cosmetics, dietary supplements and agriculture. (NL) Algaia will process the harvested seaweeds into ingredients.


“By joining this very promising cultivation project, ALGAIA is looking forward to bring firstly, its in-depth expertise in algal extract production, through in particular, its industrial approach named ‘Seaweed Biorefinery Process’; in addition.
We are also proud to bring in this long term project, our well established market positions on brown seaweed extracts. As seaweed cultivation in Europe is still very early stage but markets are more and more looking to this very polyvalent marine biomass, the North Sea Farmer approach is definitely a forefront project which will contribute to set new standards for the future of our seaweed industry in Europe.
The whole ALGAIA team is therefore very excited by this adventure, aligned with the mojo of the 2 co-founders of ALGAIA, Frédéric Faure and Franck Hennequart: ‘in seaweed we trust’!”

Franck Hennequart, Director for Research & Innovation Algaia

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Simply Blue Group

Simply Blue Group, headquartered in Cork, Ireland, is a leading blue economy developer with a focus on replacing fossil fuels with clean ocean energy. It develops pioneering renewable energy projects both offshore and onshore –wind, sustainable fuels, marine energy, carbon dioxide removal and low-impact aquaculture – all in harmony with the oceans and the land. The company has a pipeline of over 10GW of offshore wind projects across the globe. With these projects, Simply Blue Group is committed to creating new economic opportunities for coastal communities, and developing projects that co-exist with sustainable fisheries and marine conservation.

Hugh Kelly Co-Founder & CEO at Simply Blue Group: 

At Simply Blue Group, we want our marine projects to make a tangible difference, which is why we’re delighted to join this consortium. We recognise that seaweed cultivation is a valuable tool in tackling climate change and supporting our oceans. We believe that in time offshore wind farms will have multiple uses, with seaweed production being one of them. By joining NSF1 we are making the first step on that journey.”

Van Oord is a Dutch family-owned company with over 150 years of experience as an international marine contractor. (NL)

Rachel Terry, Sustainability Programme Manager, Van Oord: 

"Van Oord’s purpose is to create a better world for future generations by delivering Marine Ingenuity, and this project exemplifies one of the ways we can fully utilise our capabilities to enhance the energy transition while empowering biodiversity. As a market leader in offshore wind, we are excited to work in on this project, bringing our offshore knowledge and engineering expertise to both the seaweed installation itself; and also the necessary operational activities within the offshore wind farm where this project will take place. We have been working with North Sea Farmers for a number of years as we believe that offshore wind and the energy transition should be nature inclusive. This project gives us the opportunity to work in a strong consortium which is critical for us to be able to address the global challenges we face.

For North Sea Farm 1, North Sea Farmers will head up a consortium of partner organisations from across Europe that are involved in the entire seaweed production supply chain.

North Sea Farmers (NSF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering success in the European seaweed industry. They work across the entire seaweed value chain, promoting sustainability, education, research, and innovation. By enabling these members to become successful with their seaweed ambitions NSF hope to shape an innovative and prosperous sector in Europe. 

Contributing partners - now and in the past

Aqitec is an engineering company that is at the forefront in designing cultivation arrangements for (seaweed) aquaculture. Aqitec is involved in international developments regarding systems for aquaculture, including anchoring, installation, seeding, monitoring and harvesting. In our engineering process we apply an integrated approach to create safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. Monitoring provides insights and allows us to validate arrangements.

Wieling helped with the engineering of the farm infrastructure for the North Sea Farm#1 project. As a consultant to the project via the INVESTNL FTR facility. However, designing seaweed farms in offshore wind farms is still unknown territory so apart from their assignment Ivo and Idtz put a lot of extra effort in to get to a workable system for which we are very grateful. At the moment Aqitec, together with INVESTNL, is helping to setup a design standard for offshore seaweed farms so that other parties can design their own safe and robust seaweed farm.


An initiative such as NSF#1 is an initiative with many completely different components and therefore also risky. That is why it was extremely valuable that Invest-NL could support from the start in 2021 with their First Time Right facility. Through that program, we were able to hire several outside experts to address key technical, legal, and market questions. A very nice outcome of this is that a design standard will soon be published that can be used by the entire seaweed sector in Europe.

“We’re excited to see North Sea Farm#1 taking of right now. Our contribution to fund the development of a design standard for offshore seaweed farms is a perfect example of how we support pioneering projects that contribute to speeding up the transition towards a carbon neutral and circular economy. The new insights that allow North Sea Farm#1 project to obtain its permit, will enable all future seaweed farmers to do the same. This way we take away barriers and make it easier for investors to step in and bring innovation to next level."

Michiel Strijland - business development manager at Invest-NL

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Joost Wouters, Michiel Mol and Gijs Hulscher from The Seaweed Company have helped develop the project from its official start in September 2021, when we officially started the NSF#1 consortium together with Van Oord, Alagaia and NSF.