Multi-Use Procedure

What is the project about?  

This project was aimed at developing a procedure that helps multi-users to realise their multi-use concept in a Dutch wind farm. The procedure is available and usable for any type of multi-use. As such, it forms a predictable and transparent process towards a successful permit application for all stakeholders involved.




Why is this important? 

Within the climate agreement, the North Sea has been designated as an important future contributor to the Dutch green energy supply by means of large scale wind farms. Between the turbines of these wind farms, large areas are available that can be used for food production, alternative energy production and nature development. One can already imagine various combinations of these activities such as seaweed with passive fishery and oyster reefs in these areas. Adding one or more activities in these wind farm areas turns them into multi-use areas. Therefore we call them: multi-use sea farms. 

Offshore wind farms are complex industrial areas with many regulations to ensure safe and predictable production. For a multi-user to be able to operate in this area, careful alignment with the wind farm operator is required. This will help both parties to work safely, to have a viable commercial business and to operate in balance with the North Sea ecosystem. It is exactly this alignment process that the Multi-use Procedure will facilitate. By providing a clear overview of the steps that need to be taken, the conditions that have to be met and in a language that all stakeholders can understand.

The Multi-Use Procedure focuses primarily on the alignment between wind farm operators and multi-users. The Procedure is suited for any type of multi-use: from seaweed farming to floating solar panels and nature. Once the multi-user and wind farm operator have completed the Procedure, then the Multi-user is ready to apply for a “Waterwet-vergunning” permit for that specific wind farm. The benefit of having followed the Multi-use Procedure is that the wind farm operator is already in agreement with multi-user’s permit application: a very important “tick in the box” for a successful permit process!

What were the objectives of this project? 

  • Develop a workable Multi-use Procedure
  • Determine the various steps and issues before applying for a Multi-Use permit
  • Cooperate with the stakeholders to converge these issues into clear and applicable steps
  • Develop & design the Multi-Use Procedure visual

What did we do in this project?

The Multi-use Procedure is a co-creation project between several stakeholders, including TKI wind op Zee, main players from the wind industry and the Community of Practice (CoP) Blue Innovation North Sea 2030. North Sea Farmers are project leader and content creator of this project. Smartland (member of North Sea Farmers) was asked to develop the Multi-Use Procedure visual. The project is commissioned by Topsector Energie & RVO.  

What are the results? 

The project has by now been completed and the Multi-Use Procedure is ready for you to use! You can download the visual below or follow the steps of the flowchart. These detailed steps carefully explain what a multi-user can do to get to a substantiated permit application. 

Download the visualDive into our FLOWCHART

Who else are involved? 

TKI Wind op Zee, Topsector Energie, RVO, Smartland, CoP Multi-use

Finance: n.a.
Partners: 4
Period: 06/2019 - 01/2020 
Contact: Eef brouwers
Website: RVO CoP Blue Innovation NS2030 

Image: Smartland