What is the project about?  

Actively contribute in developing the Dutch and European standards for algae food and algae food products, aimed at future legislation.  




Why is this important? 

Europe is working on legislation for novel foods, one of which are algae as both raw material and as processed algae products. The process of developing European legislation includes different national working groups, like the Dutch working group. This legislation will determine how we handle algae products in the future and therefore we, as a sector, must determine now how we want to handle them and stay ahead of legislation.

What were the objectives? 

Having European legislation that suits the (future) needs of the macro and micro algae sector.  

What did we do in this project? 

Due to the importance for the sector, North Sea Farmers are member of the NEN to advocate the sector’s interests. Together with our community of seaweed sector members, we provide input for the technical reports in the process for the Dutch norm (NEN) and Europeans norms (CEN).  

What are the results? 

First concept of norms is published with active involvement of our community members. The concept is now up for further feedback by the sector. 

Who else was involved?  

Wageningen Food Safety Research, Olmix/Melspring, ECN, Cargill, Schuttelaar & partners (Micro-algenplatform), RVO, NEN 

Finance: n.a 
Partners: 10 
Time: 2019  
Contact: eef brouwers

Photo: EU parliament by Wikipedia