What is the project about?  

A national research program with Wageningen University Research to explore how Dutch cultivated seaweeds can be used for different feed and food applications. The program includes different subprojects which consist of all research questions regarding the safe, qualitative and sustainable use of seaweed. 

Why is this important? 

The need for sustainable foods and feed is growing tremendously. Seaweed has proven to be one of the most sustainably cultivated crops worldwide. However, most of the seaweed today is cultivated overseas. To upscale local production, thus reducing transport (climate) costs and upscaling local economy, this project aims to create a sustainable source of healthy food products, additives and feed with local, Dutch cultivation. Therefore, The Dutch ministry has commissioned Wageningen Research to design a Research and Development Program focused on the applicability of seaweed for food and feed.

What were the objectives? 

  • Select and breed high-quality, indigenous, Dutch seaweed varieties  
  • Develop optimal cultivation systems and locations in the Netherlands to ensure optimal Dutch products  
  • Develop multiple, circular processing systems of Dutch seaweed to ensure all components are optimally used at the highest possible economic value 
  • Increase social acceptance by making seaweed products more appealing to Dutch consumers and develop attractive products  
  • Search for high-quality application potential in the Netherlands, such as nutritional value, health application (reducing antibiotics or pharmaceutical applications) and cosmetics industries

What did we do in this project? 

For this project, we’re taking up the secretary role. We have a close partnership with WUR and actively involve our seaweed network to disseminate and implement research outcomes.  

What are the results? 

Development of new seaweed knowledge on several topics, found on Proseaweed website and below:

Who else were involved? 

Wageningen University, Olmix SA, Bio Atlantis Ltd, Vobra Special Petfoods, Hortimare, Omega Green, Microganic, Lambers-Seghers, Neovia, Palingkwekerij Koolen, De Heus Animal Nutrition, Skretting Aquaculture Research, Yama, BlueO2,  Bluegrass, Zeewaar, Control union, Lab Associates. 

Finance: €5 million for 5 years 
Partners: 13 Dutch partners 
Time: 04/ 2017 to 04/ 2022.  
Contact: eef brouwers


Photo:  Henrice Jansen (WMR)