Lessons Learnt Design Standard Seaweed Farms & NSF#1

Event details: Thursday 07 December - 13:00 - 17:00 h CET (Online)

We are happy to invite our members to the Sector Session Lessons Learnt Design Standard Seaweed Farms & NSF#1 on 7 December, from 13:00 - 17:00 h CET. This will be a Sector Session specifically around North Sea Farm 1, the first offshore seaweed farm between windmills.

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Firstly we will be sharing our experiences with the design & procurement process. Secondly, we will be sharing our plans for the installation & seeding of the NSF#1 farm. 

This will be a longer Sector Session (13.00 -17.00h CET) in two parts:

13:00 - 14:30h - Part 1: Lessons learnt Design Standard Seaweed Farms
14:30 - 15:00h – Break
15:00 - 17:00h - Part 2: Lessons learnt & plans for NSF#1

Part 1: Lessons learnt using the Seaweed Farm Design Standard for the NSF#1 project

Time: 13.00 – 1430 h

This year DNV, Aqitec, Van Oord and NSF collaborated to develop the Design Standard for seaweed farms. This new standard aims to support the seaweed industry with robust and safe designs for offshore and nearshore seaweed farms. Over the last few months, Aqitec applied this standard in designing the North Sea Farm #1 infrastructure. InvestNL sponsored the development of this standard and will therefore open this Sector Session.

Experiences & learnings

In this Sector Session Part1 we would like to share our experiences and learnings in using this design standard. In terms of design process but also with respect to third-party verification and procurement. This will be a fairly technical design and procurement session. It is most interesting to seaweed farm designers, buyers, marine contractors and suppliers. And of course, always open to all who are interested.

  • Introduction by Michiel Strijland from Invest-NL
  • General introduction on the NSF#1 project by Eef Brouwers (NSF)
  • Lessons learnt on applying the Seaweed Design Standard by Laura Dinkla & Ivo Wieling from Aqitec
  • Discussion on potential improvement on the design standard
  • Discussion on collaboration in the seaweed industry to improve robustness & cost-effectiveness of seaweed farms

Speakers in this part will be:

L : Michiel Strijland
W: Invest-NL

L : Ivo Wieling
W: Aqitec

L: Laura Dinkla
W: Aqitec

L : Eef Brouwers
W: North Sea Farmers

Part 2: NSF#1: Carbon capture approach, lessons learnt & operational plans

Time: 15:00 -  17:00 h

Much of the groundwork for NSF#1 has been completed and we would like to share with you what we have learned as well as our plans for the future.

  • Introduction by Steven Kellet from Amazon's Right Now Climate Fund
  • General overview of the NSF#1 project by Eef Brouwers (NSF)
  • Introduction on the carbon research approach by Frank Kleissen from Deltares
  • Marine works in the NSF#1 project by Ewoud Visser of Doggerland Marine
  • Seaweed production in the NSF#1 project by Gareth Murphy of Simply Blue Group

It will be an information packed session but it will bring you quickly up to speed with the project. We hope to reserve some time towards the end of the sessions for any questions or discussions. We're looking forward to your questions and any input you may have for our future plans.

Read more about the project here. 

Speakers in this part will be:

L: Steven Kellet
W: Amazon Nature-based Solutions

L: Frank Kleissen
W: Deltares

L : Gareth Murphy
W: Simply Blue Group

L : Ewoud Visser
W: Home - Doggerland Offshore

L : Eef Brouwers
W: North Sea Farmers

We look forward to seeing you there! Are you a member and haven't received an invitation? Please contact us. Interested in the Sector Session but not yet a member? Please join our community.