Opening match-making session on North Sea Seaweed 2023


Only two more weeks until the first edition of the annual Seaweed Event of the Greater North Sea Region: North Sea Seaweed 2023 on June 8th. On that day, we will welcome members of North Sea Farmers at 'the Oude Kerk Scheveningen' (NL)(this is a new location!) between 11:00h-18:00h (CEST). Fellow members can also sign up for the match-making sessions. Please e-mail us, if you didn't receive a personal invite about this. 

Meet & Greet

Many of you have indicated that you appreciate our yearly events as an opportunity for networking. For this reason we have scheduled more time for networking in the program. However, for the coming event we also offer something new: more external (business) stakeholders and facilitate match making. With a dedicated match-making hour we want to give you as members the opportunity to meet them via short exchanges (15 mins). Please note this is on a first come, first serve basis.

Dyon Veenboer

Key words:
Financial services, (startup) investment services, innovation support
"Sometimes, as an entrepreneur with an innovative idea, you need money to grow your business. We are happy to help to move your innovation forward with our financial solutions. Especially if there are no proven results, paying customers or cash flow yet. Get to know our products that can help your startup or scale-up to grow in a sustainable and responsible way in every stage of its development."


Anna Gryseels
read the interview about what they are looking for

Key words:
Startups, food, feed, biostimulants, proteins

Colruyt Group is a retailer with multiple brands: Colruyt itself, BioPlanet, Spar, Okay and Cru. In addition, Colruyt Group are also active in online pharmacy with NewPharma, In health with Jimss fitness and Bike Republic, in renewable energy with Virya. Colruyt Group are interested in seaweed as it is a very versatile product. Seaweed for food, for agriculture like biostimulants (healthy soil) and for animal feed. They are also looking for a new type of protein potentially from seaweed.


Michiel Strijland

Key words:
Impact investments, protein transition, carbon neutral economy, biobased & circular economy, deep tech

Invest-NL, impact investors: They are looking for interesting entrepreneurs who are really beyond the idea stage with their business to make impact. Invest-NL can invest from €5mln with a minimum ticket size of €10 million but also have a business development department to remove generic bottlenecks. They are happy to enter the conversation with innovative companies active on the topics of protein transition, carbon neutral economy, biobased & circular economy and deep tech.


Lisa Boulton

Key words:
Food, food ingredients, pet food, packaging, low carbon alternatives

Nestle is best known for coffeebrand, confectionery, waters, food business, pet foods and other iconic brands around the globe. Their main interest is understanding were different seaweed applications can fit in existing operations and product range such as food ingredients, food products or new packaging solutions that can help us to meet our packaging commitments. Nestlé’s main challenges at the moment are to meet a zero target. . Therefore low carbon alternatives that are responsibly sourced, and sustainably produced are of interest to Nestlé.


Thomas Ferge
Read what DS Smith is looking for

Key words:
Looking seaweed-based packaging solutions and seaweed-based fibres for packaging

DS Smith is one of the biggest paper-based packaging producers with a global reach, active with in 34 countries with locations all over Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. In Europe they are the largest cardboard and paper recycler.’ DS Smith are exploring the world of alternative, non-wood-based fibres and therefore they are interested in seaweed as this could be a renewable fibre resource from that is ocean-based instead of land-based.


Ad van Vugt
Managing Director at Oterap

Key words: 
Startups, food ingredient, dreamstart, sustainability, changing the food industry

Oterap is a family-owned investment fund aiming to help startups in the food industry to jumpstart in reaching their goals. It supports passionate entrepreneurs with their dreams of changing the food industry. Oterap shares knowledge, their network and experience, and they provide capital to make dreams a value-driven success.


Greet van Laecke
New Business Development Director

Key words:
Food ingredients, sustainability, responsible food

What's Cooking? (formerly known as Ter Beke Group) is a European Fresh Savoury Food Group: Day by day, making sustainable food consumption second nature. Leading the market in fresh savoury food and Italian ready meals, we feel it is our responsibility to help protect our planet. Our new name – What's Cooking? – reflects our ambition to boost responsible food choices by sourcing our ingredients even more carefully, improving the nutritional value of our products, and by continually reviewing our processes to ensure they are as safe, qualitative, green and sustainable as can be.  


Jesse 't Lam
Brave New Food Investments (co-founder)

Key words:
Investments in food & packaging startups

At Brave New Food Investments, we want to encourage the sustainable and healthy food transition by accelerating the most promising food solutions of the future. As a seed capital fund we have the ambition to provide next generation food ventures the ingredients they need to scale, accelerate and join forces to make a substantial impact.


Christian Braak
Commercieel Manager at Menken van den Assem Fresh Food

Key words:
Food, Concept developing, Packaging, Supply Chain Solutions Retail, Service Supplier, Helping startups to scale up

Menken van den Assem is a specialist in the conception, development, packaging and delivery of fresh food concepts to European retailers. They introduce around 160 new product-market combinations every year. They are specialists in guiding Start-ups that want to find their way to the supermarkets
As a Start-up, the road to Retail sometimes seems difficult, you must make large investments and you need a lot of knowledge in the field of quality, negotiation, marketing, supply chain and invoicing. We support Startups by taking them on the right route and letting them use our platform and extensive network. In this way we can introduce European retailers to the passion and innovative products of the start ups.