Direct seeding has never before yielded good results, until now


This week Sander van Rijswijk (CIV), Samuel Silvestre NuernbergPetra Steenhoek HortimareBritt De Ruijterkoen hulsinga The Seaweed Company and Aranka Kolmas North Sea Farmers harvested seaweed from The Seaweed Company’s Dutch farm, Zeewaar.

We brought in around 70kg Dutch Saccharina Latissima, part of which was dried for further analysis, and part was donated to BlueBlocks Concepts who can use if for their SeaWoods material, bio circular building material made from seaweed.

The seaweed was cultivated as part of the ZeewierSEEDER project, which aims to develop an automatized method to direct seed nets for large scale offshore cultivation. Last november, we deployed the nets using a novel method, and we’ll use the data from this harvest to optimize the process.

Do you have experience with net seeding and want to share your results? Or do you want to know more about what we did? Send a message to Aranka Kolmas.

We’d like to thank Provincie Zuid-Holland for funding this project.

You can read more about ZeewierSEEDER here: Current projects - North Sea Farmers