Can we visit the Offshore Test Site?

Our Offshore Test Site is 12 km off the coast of Scheveningen, and you would miss it if you didn’t know it was there. Besides a few buoys that float there everything is under water. So there is actually nothing to see on the Offshore Test Site.

Can you give us contact details or company names?

At NSF we don’t work by providing company names or contacts. You can check who the current North Sea Farmers members are on our website and have an idea from there who we directly collaborate with, but further than that – getting different and appropriate players in touch, setting up collaborations between different parties and other networking efforts – is something we do exclusively for our supporting members.

Can you deliver seaweed to us?

We are a member based sector organization, our name would suggest that we farm seaweed ourselves, but this is not the case. We do have contact information of people who do cultivate seaweed. We, however, do not have seaweed ourselves.

Is it possible to get access t0 the presentations that are shared during events and sector sessions?

When you are a member of North Sea Farmers you get access to our library, here we store all the presentations from previous events and sector sessions, for you to access at a later date. On this library you also find summaries of important EU documents and fact-sheets made available. So for access to these documents you need to become a member of our organization.