Who we are

We are committed to accelerate and strengthen the impact-driven seaweed industry. This is something we cannot do by ourselves. Moreover: we don’t do it for ourselves. We do this because we are committed to create something a strong and healthy Dutch blue-economy, that will contribute to climate change solutions for many generations to come. How? By building an inclusive community for powerful collaborations throughout the value-chain of seaweed. This way we aim to stimulate open innovation and accelerate positive developments for each and everyone involved. For a radical and powerful impact.

In other words: if the seaweed sector is successful, we’re doing our job right.

how we are organised

We are a non-profit foundation with an ANBI status. The foundation consists of our organisational team (execution), a board (control) and ambassadors (advice). Members of the board are: Marcel Schuttelaar (Schuttelaar & Partners), Job Schipper (Hortimare) and Ton Menken (Menken van den Assem).

Our costs - for people and projects - are covered by project income, membership fees and donations. Our financial year reports can be found below.