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Sirputis JSC

Product development, engineering and production

Sirputis JSC has the mission to transform the seaweed industry. Sirputis focusses on sustainable seaweed cultivation, harvesting, and processing.

Main activities

Sirputis JSC is a visionary company established in 2019 with the purpose of transforming the seaweed industry. Our focus is on delivering cutting-edge solutions for sustainable seaweed cultivation, harvesting, and processing.

As part of the Valinor AS portfolio, a Norwegian family-owned investment company that prioritizes sustainable solutions through its investments in renewable energy production, infrastructure, and aquaculture, we share a commitment to the responsible use of natural resources and environmental protection.

At Sirputis, we are dedicated to advancing the seaweed industry through our expertise in sustainable cultivation, harvesting, and processing technologies. Our unique approach offers comprehensive support for seaweed farmers, from start to finish, to ensure the success and sustainability of their operations