Our mission


Our mission

Our mission is empowering seaweed as the raw material of the future.


Our ambition

In 2050, the markets for building materials, food, agriculture and packaging are all using products and solutions with seaweed. No longer because it’s a sustainable alternative, but because regulations and consumers have enforced the transition to circular value chains.

Seaweed is an ideal resource because it can be produced locally and on large scale in virtually closed nutrient and carbon cycles. The applications are so versatile that hardly any waste is generated and almost all applications are biodegradable.


the story of the seaweed sector

Making possible what currently seems impossible. That is in the blood of the seaweed pioneers in the North Sea Farmers network. Together, because only together do we move forward.  

We all believe in seaweed as the raw material of the future. A raw material that does not need fresh water and land to grow. Which is renewable, and therefore inexhaustible. Which contributes to a clean blue planet, and is a source for new life in the sea.  

Seaweed is good. We are convinced of that

Seaweed is a natural resource that will replace harmful and polluting chains. Which enriches farmland naturally. And which offers a nutritious and plant-based alternative to animal proteins. Seaweed is good. We are convinced of that.    

Reason why we are building the first seaweed farm between wind turbines at sea. Close by, on our own North Sea. With, for the seaweed industry and for you.  

A fair value chain; from farmer to consumer

Together, we are creating here a blueprint for the seaweed farming of the future, and a fair value chain for all players; from farmer to consumer. This is how we bring local and sustainable seaweed to your home. From seaweed seed to seaweed sock.   

A big adventure with many uncertainties. That is why we cannot do it alone. Become a seaweed pioneer too, and help us make this raw material of the future possible. For now, and for later.